For years, residents have been paying taxes that they don’t even know exist.

Did you know that your water bill contains between 30 and 50 percent in hidden taxes?

If you’re outraged by this, you’ll want to pay attention to this information and get involved. There are two pieces of legislation being considered by the Governor and New York State Legislature, which can significantly lower your monthly water bill. The time is NOW to right a wrong that has gone on for way too long. But your State officials need to hear from you today!

This website is dedicated to helping Liberty’s customers better understand:

  1. How 30 to 50 percent of your water rates are made up of hidden taxes and how, with your help, we can fight to have them removed to lower your water bill.
  2. The inequities that exist in the State’s infrastructure funding programs and the injustices that surround you paying into these funding streams while receiving zero of the benefit.
  3. How your support can help bring elected officials to the tipping point and finally make lasting change that dramatically lowers water bills now and into the future while improving your water quality.