Access to Public Funding
It’s unjust that your tax money is funding a multi-billion-dollar grant program for other water providers to construct new infrastructure, while you, as a Liberty New York Water customer, realize zero benefit. If you agree with this statement, then you’re encouraged to help take action.

Allowing ALL water providers in the state to access these funding streams is a common-sense measure since everyone in the state is contributing to them. And there is a bill in front of the state legislature to make this change.

Benefits to Customers

  1. Getting a better return on investment for the tax dollars you pay.
  2. A significant reduction (up to 60%) in the capital costs for required treatment system upgrades.
  3. Will expedite shovel-ready projects that are currently being held up due to lack of funding.
  4. Offsets the cost for current and future treatment expenses associated with emerging contaminants, especially as the state continues to regulate new contaminants.
  5. Allows LNYW to more aggressively address the root of discolored water complaints by replacing aged water mains at a greater pace.
Benefits for Liberty – New York Water

Liberty’s primary benefit—happy customers. This change would mean we can provide better water quality to our customers and save you money. However, Liberty will receive no financial benefit to our bottom line. In fact, Liberty specifically requested language to be included in the bill that the infrastructure projects must benefit the customers of the water system. Every dollar of public funding received would be directly allocated to infrastructure projects.

Read the Legislation

If you would like to read the legislation submitted in the New York State legislature to allow all water providers to access public funding, please visit

Take Action

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